Vternal Usage Rules

By Signing Up and creating an Account on Vternal you agree to abide by these rules. The purpose of Vternal is to provide a quality experience to all users. These rules are designed to help accomplish this.

  1. Copyright: The user agrees and asserts that they hold legal copyright to any content they upload via the Vternal Website or Application. The user agrees to hold MNC Inc. harmless for any copyright violations they commit on Vternal and agrees to accept all liability, criminal or civil, and to be responsible for any and all legal or other fees incurred by MNC Inc. and its agents.
  2. Offensive Content: The user agrees that at MNC's sole discretion they can remove any content they deem offensive, or penalize any user for offensive behaviour. Examples offensive behavior are: posting offensive, threatening or ad-hominem comments; and sharing links to offensive content in a public forum (e.g on Facebook). Storing offensive, but legal, content for yourself or a group of named individuals is not regarded as offensive behavior.
  3. Harrassment: Users will not bother or harass each other or use Vternal as a platform for harrassment of third parties. Examples of harassment are sending offensive or unsolicited messages to another user, sharing offensive content about another user, or posting offensive content about them.
  4. Termination: MNC Inc. reserves the right to terminate and disable any user for any reason and any time. MNC Inc. reserves the right to provide no explanation for such termination. Repeated violators of these rules (as determined at the sole discretion of MNC Inc.) are sure to have their accounts terminated.
  5. Criminal Activities: Users will not use the Vternal platform as a base for criminal activities at any time. In the event that MNC Inc. suspects criminal activities it reserves the right to notify the appropriate law enforcement agencies.
  6. Changes to the Rules: MNC Inc. reserves the right to make any changes to these rules at any time. New rules will take effect as soon as available on our website (vternal.com).

Effective as of January 16, 2020